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Thoracic Exercise #2 from Mindi Boysen

This is part two of our thoracic exercise rotation series that’s rotating through your thoracic spine and your thoracic rib cage to help you get more power and prevent injury in your swing.

So, I want you to place a club behind you.

When doing this thoracic exercise see if you can take the club and place it right behind you. Now, if you need to have a driver or a longer club, that’s fine.

This is best done if you are in front of your own mirror so you can see how you do. I’m going to aim away from you and then I’m going to start rotating.

I’m going to allow the club to rotate behind me and see if I can get parallel.

I’m a right-handed golfer, so I’m stretching my right pec or my right chest right here. My knees are slightly bent.

With this thoracic exercise I’m engaging my glutes and engaging my core so I’m not hurting my spine.

Thoracic Exercise Part 2

See if you can look at yourself in the mirror.

See both shoulders and both ears.

Now we’re going to go the other way.

Take a deep breath.

With this thoracic exercise I’m rotating everything, my ankles, my knees, my hips.

Now each part of my spine.

I’m trying to get this club parallel.

Can you see both shoulders?

Can you see both ears?

You could actually do this in front of a wall as well. If you didn’t want to have your club and you were at home, you could see you’re with your back toward the wall about eight inches away from the wall. Put your hands up. Try to turn. Put both hands on the wall. And keep turning your head that way.

Then come on back and you’re going to spiral to the other side. Twist. You will feel everything in your body helping you rotate not just your thoracic ribcage.

It’s not just going to be in the thoracic spine, but it will help get this moving, so we don’t enjoy our hips or even our neck.

That’s number two in our five-part thoracic exercise series. If you want to see all of them for more exercises, check out my mobile app on your Android or your iPhone or visit my website at