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Thoracic Exercise #1 from Mindi Boysen

What do most of my golfers need and want? Well, what I hear is that they want more rotation. They think that if they take that club back just a little bit farther, they’re going to get more width and be able to sail that ball down the fairway even farther.

So today, we’re going to start on a five-part series of exercises, helping you rotate through your thoracic spine working with your 12 thoracic vertebrae and your 12 thoracic ribs.

Exercise number one is golf stance. And you can do this at home and you can also do it on the course.

You’re going to get your your golf stance.

I have my ball here in front of me.

You’re going to cross the club across your shoulders very lightly, holding on, keeping your elbows in. Then I want you to rotate and take the end of the club down to where it’s pointing to your ball and then going to the other end downwards pointing to your ball.

Thoracic Exercise #1

Now, it does not matter whether you are a right or left handed golfer, the key to this thoracic exercise is to stay very centered.

My head is staying centered, and I’m focusing on rotating through my spine as well as my hips are helping me, too.

Now with this thoracic exercise we’re going to take a little bit more out of it, make it a little harder, but better for your swing.

We’re going to open up the chest you’re going to bring the club behind you, still looking down at your imaginary ball and you’re going to turn. And this is where I have to turn my ribs a little bit farther to aim down there and then turn back.

How many should you do? Oh, controlled approximately ten, maybe five each side.

Try to get that rotation and get that feel and that movement pattern to get you more rotation out on the course.

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