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Science&Motion and Vertex Golf join forces to redefine putting performance.

Science&Motion and Vertex Golf are excited to announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize how golfers train and improve their putting skills. This groundbreaking collaboration harnesses the power of Science & Motion’s globally renowned expertise in putting analysis and Vertex Golf’s innovative Motion Sensor Technology.

Vertex Golf recently launched the world’s first motion sensor technology that can be used inside the putter head, for both Odyssey and Scotty Cameron putters, or together with a shaft clip, which opens up data analysis and insight to all golfers, at an affordable price, regardless of putter type.

The partnership between Science&Motion and Vertex Golf aims to offer golfers of all abilities the following advantages:

  1. Seamless Integration: The planned integration of the Vertex Golf Motion Sensor Technology with Science & Motion’s advanced SAM PuttLab analysis software will create a unified platform for in-depth data analysis and improved putting performance.
  2. Personalized Training: Coaches will be able to create personalized training plans for their students based on SAM PuttLab’s detailed analysis, optimizing the important aspect of their putting performance, along with real-time feedback through the student’s use of Vertex Golf Motion Sensor Technology.
  3. Real-time Feedback: The real-time feedback during practice sessions allows golfers to make instant adjustments on the practice green, while data can also be stored/sent for future analysis to their coach for in-depth sessions on the SAM PuttLab system.
  4. Progress Tracking: Golfers and coaches will be able to benefit by deeper monitoring of a player’s progress during practice, ensuring that training plans are effective and leading to tangible improvements.
  5. Accessible to All: This partnership aims to make putting analysis and improvement accessible to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

“This partnership with Science&Motion marks a significant milestone for Vertex Golf,” said Robert Slade-Baker, CEO of Vertex Golf. “By combining our Sensor Technology with Science&Motion’s unrivaled expertise, we’re offering coaches and golfers a game-changing approach to putting improvement. We believe this partnership will reshape the future of putting training.”

“Science & Motion has long been the globally trusted name in putting analysis, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Vertex Golf on this venture, “said Christian Marquardt, Managing Director of Science&Motion Sports. “Our collective mission is to provide more coaches, more golfers with the most comprehensive set of tools and resources, to help them become better coaches and for their students to perform better. “

This collaboration is aimed at bringing a new level of innovation to the wider golfing community, reinforcing both Science&Motion Sports and Vertex Golf’s commitment to improving the game of golf through the use of cutting-edge technology by many more golfers.

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