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The Pro tip of the week for your golf chipping technique starts with the setup.

Golf Chipping Technique

The Pro tip of the week in your golf chipping technique begins with the initial setup.

A lot of amateurs try to lift the ball to get it into the air.

This is a no-no, you let the club and the loft of the club do the work.

Your setup should be as follows:

  • Ball in the back of your stance.
  • Feet a little narrow.
  • Choke down on the club
  • Let your arms hang.
  • Grip pointed at your left pocket.
  • Keep your head down.
  • Look at your target.
  • Take the club back and accelerate through the golf ball.

So, remember in the golf chipping technique, it all starts with the setup. Set up is key.

Get everything square feet, shoulders, everything.

The club is pointed at your left pocket which keeps your hands in front of the golf ball.

The ball is in the back of your stance.

Remember to accelerate through the golf ball.

Three things I live by chipping, putting, and pitching you chip when you can’t putt, you pitch, when you can’t chip, and you putt whenever you can.

That’s your pro tip of the week.

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About Doug Price

Doug Price has been with Harbor Club on Lake Oconee for over 25 years. He started out as a cart boy and worked his way up to golf professional, where he discovered teaching was his passion.

He started out practicing on some of his friends before the days of computer technology, videos or biodynamics. Several Harbor Club members saw him teaching and asked for lessons, which led to him hosting clinics for the female golfers.

Doug thinks the most important thing for women to understand in golf is feeling a comfort with the game.

Doug’s specialty is just that; he was born with that unique talent and his approach is very kind. Doug has only one rule with his clinics – no judgements. It serves as an ice breaker and makes sure everyone shares a common goal.