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How to make tough chip shots

The tip I’m going to work with you guys on today is how to make tough chip shots just off the green and around the collar or right next to it.

Here at Bulle Rock, our rough is Kentucky bluegrass. So, it’s a thick blade. It’s not really tall, but it’s thick. And you can see here we’ve got a couple of different lines based on where our ball might have come to rest.

When we sit here and look at this shot, we wonder how to make tough chip shots like these. Can we putt it or should we chip it? And do we have to worry about the golf swing?

So, one of the shots that I work on with my students and members here is using a hybrid or a fairway metal to challenge ourselves to hit better chip shots.

So we try to treat this like we’re hitting a putter.

When we get up to our golf ball, we put the ball back in our stance and we put our hands forward. We’re going to make a putting motion down through to allow us to hit a better chip shots without making a big swing.

Same thing on our second shot.

The ball is sitting down.

Should we use a wedge from here?

You can’t putt it because of the way the lie is.

We’re going to take our hybrid or our fairway metal and make a putting motion. We don’t have to hit it hard. There’s not a lot of acceleration. It’s just that same smooth putting stroke that gets us out of trouble.

Feel free to practice these tips on making tough chip shots; it’ll save you a lot of strokes around the green.

About Matt Summers

Matt Summers is the Director of Golf at Bulle Rock in Harve de Grace, Maryland.

Matt started swinging a golf club at the age of 2 at the encouragement and instruction of his grandmother back home in Ohio. Matt was an accomplished junior golfer/athlete leading his way to playing NCAA Division II golf and baseball for Salem College in WV while earning a degree in Golf Industry Management. Matt is a PGA Class A Member and is also a designated Certified PGA Professional in Golf Operations with less than 4% of all PGA Professionals obtaining this designation. Matt is a competitive golfer within the Middle Atlantic Professional Golfers Association, national and local pro-ams with multiple individual and team professional victories.

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