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3 Keys to Hitting Better Drives

Today, I’m going to teach you how to hit the driver trifecta. What does that mean? There are three important laws about your ball flow with the driver that you have to have to hit better drives.

3 keys to hitting better drives.

One is the path of the golf club. It has to be traveling in to out or, as I like to say, in a positive direction so we ca hit better drives. When we swing out to in, that’s negative.

The other one that you’ve got to have is a club that’s hitting up. That’s a positive attack angle. The club head is actually swinging up when you get to the golf ball.

Last the club face. It has to be closed through impact to give that long draw with low spin for hitting better drives.

The setup for hitting better drives.

When you move the ball position forward in your stance be careful that it doesn’t open your shoulders, pointing them to the left of your intended target. Why? When your shoulders point open, your golf club is going to follow that direction, swinging down to the left. So, when you move the ball position forward, make sure to set the club in your lead hand first, then turn your shoulders more square and even a little to the right of the target.

Next, let’s talk about the club face and how to get that perfect draw club face in your setup for hitting better drives. First, hold your golf club by taking your grip and point it right out in front of you.

And what I’d like you to do is simply tilt your upper body back, which you want to make sure that your club face doesn’t tilt back with your setup. Keep that club face pointed square at your target as you set your upper body back, then bring it down behind the golf ball. You’ve now nailed the perfect trifecta for hitting better drives with the ball forward, shoulders square, and club face aligned to your grip.

About Joe Plecker

Joe is the Director of Golf Instruction at The Landings Club, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America, PGA Master Golf Professional, and Co-Founder of The Swing Index

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