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Lower Body Strength Exercises Part 2

This is part two of our five-part series for Lower Body Strength.

In the first part of Lower Body Strength, we talked about the importance of ground reaction force, the ability to have power pushing into the ground as the ground pushes back at you so that you can still hit that ball far.

You’re going to stand up.

You’re going to sit back down.

Now, whether you are a golfer or not, because this is fit for golf and fit for life, this is something you should check yourself on every single day to see if you can get out of a chair without holding on.

Okay. Let’s say you can do that. Let’s say you’re not leaning one way over and you can get out of that chair just like I did.

We’re going to narrow your base. We’re going to narrow it and see if you can actually still stand up.

It’s a little harder. I narrowed my base of support. I might wobble a little bit.

You have to get into a hinge. But then I’m standing up tall and then coming back down.

Lower Body Strength Exercises Part 2

Now, if those two are pretty easy, we’re going to go to one leg. Now, this is where I surprise a lot of my golfing clients when it comes to lower body strength.

And they go, Oh, no way, no way, no way. So, we’re going to try to put 90% of our weight in one leg, and I’m going to let you cheat with the toe. Okay.

What I’m looking for in this Lower Body Strength exercise is for you to do as many as you can do, but you can use this as a workout and you can do approximately ten on each leg, right? Think about your posture, engage your glutes, engage your core shoulders, and your back. Try to stand up out of a chair, both legs, narrow base, single leg if you can. Okay.

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Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter is the Managing Director at Hunter Southwest Productions. Since 2004 the company has provided video production services to the golf industry. HSW also produces several nationally syndicated television programs, including Golf Southwest and Golf America.