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Deep Squat Assessment

This deep squat exercise is from golf fitness coach Mindi Boysen which helps to determine your strengths and weaknesses in your golf swing.

If you came to me as a golfer and you wanted my assistance with your golf swing, you want to hit it farther, you want to hit better, you don’t want to have any pain, you want to be injury-free, one of the first assessments I would do with you is called the deep squat test. Or deep squat assessment.

It doesn’t require any weight.

It just tells me and it’s going to tell you in a few minutes what your strengths and weaknesses are and what may be contributing to your inconsistency, or your pain in your golf swing.

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Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter is the Managing Director at Hunter Southwest Productions. Since 2004 the company has provided video production services to the golf industry. HSW also produces several nationally syndicated television programs, including Golf Southwest and Golf America.