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Simple Tips on How to Hit the Pitch Shot

There are a couple of things to consider when hitting the pitch shot out of the Bermuda rough in Florida.

We want to be able to utilize the bounce of the club and the leading edge together. And I’m going to show you how to hit the pitch shot.

A lot of times we see students trying to hit the pitch shot using too much shaft lean. What that will cause is the leading edge to dig into the turf. We don’t want. What we want is we want the ball position to be middle of the stance.

How To Hit the Pitch Shot

With the pitch shot your hands are directly over the ball, and we’re going to use a little bit of a hinge on the way back and a little bit of body rotation. We want to avoid getting locked in where we are stuck and flipping at the ball.

So, we’re going to use the bounce and the leading edge. We’re going to set up with the ball position, Middle of the stance, hands over the ball, and we’re going to utilize a little hinge back and turn through.

And that is how you hit the pitch shot.

About John Oyler

John Oyler is the Director of Golf at Hunters Run Country Club in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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Alan Hunter

Alan Hunter is the Managing Director at Hunter Southwest Productions. Since 2004 the company has provided video production services to the golf industry. HSW also produces several nationally syndicated television programs, including Golf Southwest and Golf America.