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How To Hit a Finesse Wedge Shot

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how you hit the finesse wedge shot. You know, most amateurs have a hard time and struggle to hit greens on a consistent basis.

The key for them to reduce their scores would be to turn four shots into three or three shots in the two. And this little finesse wedge shot is one of the areas that I see people really struggle with.

So, we’ve got a long par four here. We didn’t hit a great tee shot. And so now we’ve got about 65 to 70 yards left to the flag. And if I can go ahead and get this up close to the hole, I’ll give myself a chance to make par.

The key to the finesse wedge shot is to make sure that you have your weight slightly forward. You don’t want to be way ahead, but you want to have maybe 60 to 70% of your weight on your front foot. You want your hands slightly ahead of the ball.

That’s going to encourage a descending blow into the ball, and we want to make sure that through impact, we’re going to let our body rotate through. I see a lot of people on the finesse wedge shot hanging back and trying to help the ball up in the air.

And then they either hit the ground first or they scuttle the ball. And of course, that’s not going to lead to a good result. So, we’re going to put a little bit of weight on the front foot. Hands ahead. We’re going to make sure that we hit down through it and rotate through the shot.

Do this and you’ll master the finesse wedge shot.

About Duke Bowen

Duke has the “Master Professional” classification from the PGA of America, a designation awarded to one who “maintains the highest degree of excellence for themselves and their operations. “Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics from the University of Delaware, Duke has worked as the Head Golf Professional at heritage Isles Golf and Country Club in Tampa, Florida.

Additionally, among his impressive list of credentials, his experience includes General Manager positions at Buckhorn Springs Golf & CC in Valrico and The Preserve Golf Club in Bradenton. For the last ten years he has been Director of Golf at Naples Lakes Country Club here in Naples, FL, a market that he knows well. Duke has been a member of the PGA of America for twenty years and in 2014 and again in 2016 was a finalist in the South Florida Section for Merchandiser of the Year.

Currently, Duke is the Director of Golf Operations at Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida.

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