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El Yunque National Forest is a must visit when you’re in Puerto Rico

Did you know that El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest

Diversity over size

At 29,000 acres, El Yunque National Forest is small in size, yet one of the most biologically diverse. The original inhabitants of the island, the Tainos, called it Yunque-Yu and described the land in and around El Yunque National Forest as white lands and gave it the nickname El Anvil or the Anvil.
El Yunque National Forst is a natural treasure and is an excellent destination if you want to be immersed in nature. You can visit for a hike on one of its many trails, bathe in natural pools beneath waterfalls, or relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hikers’ Delight

One of the most popular things to do in El Yunque National Forest is hiking to one of the natural pools to cool off with a swim. Head over to La Coca trail and hike down to one of several ponds along the route for the perfect way to cool off.
For fun in the form of a rope swing, choose El Angelito trail, where a 4km hike can end with a dive into its lagoon. There are plenty of additional options for the trail with varying levels of difficulty throughout the park.

Unique Plants and Wildlife

During your visit to El Yunque National Forest, you can learn about the 240 plant species endemic to Puerto Rico. Enjoy the park’s pure air and some of the best birdwatching on the Island. Hopefully, you’ll catch a view of woodpeckers, green mangos, and the Puerto Rican parrot that can be found in El Yunque National Forest.

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