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Aerojet Drivers – Distance Through Advanced Aerodynamics Shaping

Cobra Golf has announced the introduction of its new family of Aerojet Drivers.

The Advanced Aerodynamic Shaping of the Aerojet drivers is the product of years of research and testing with some of the fastest swings on the planet.  When compared to a traditional driver, the Aerojet LS (which features the most aggressive aero shape of the three models), features a streamlined frontal area, raised aft, and skirt, and a more curved crown with a peak that is moved as far from the face as possible.

These design attributes contribute to a significant reduction in drag through the swing for increased clubhead speed and superior aerodynamic performance.

Cobra Golf Aerojet Drivers

The Aerojet drivers are available in three models aimed at optimizing performance for the full spectrum of players.

The Aerojet LS offers an aggressive aerodynamic shape and a refined address profile designed for skilled players that demand low launch and low spin for maximum workability and control.

For added tuning, two weight ports in the sole (with 12g and 3g weights) are positioned forward in the heel and toe to help dial in a neutral to fade-biased trajectory for the better players.

The standard Aerojet is designed to appeal to the widest spectrum of players and features aerodynamic shaping for faster club speed with one weight port in the rear of the sole, providing a neutral shot shape and an impressive combination of forgiveness and speed for maximum distance.

The Aerojet Max blends aero shaping with maximum stability and optional draw bias, allowing players to tune trajectory using adjustable weight ports in the rear and heel of the sole. By placing the 12g weight in the rear and the 3g weight in the heel, the player experiences a super stable high trajectory with a small draw bias.

When the heavier 12g weight is placed in the heel position, performance becomes exceptionally draw biased with good stability for forgiveness.

Cobra Golf Aerojet Drivers

“The aerodynamic package in the new Aerojet family of drivers is our most advanced to date,” said Mike Yagley, Vice President of Innovation, Cobra Golf.  “We continue to balance the aggressive streamlining with optimum mass and resilience properties to give players maximum club head speed and ball launch characteristics for increased distance.”

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