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Video Tip – Tee Up for A Draw or Fade

Discover the secrets to mastering the draw and fade shots in golf with our step-by-step guide on teeing it up for success. Watch our video to elevate your skills on the course and impress your fellow golfers.

About Brian Speakman

Originally from Milton, Florida Brian received his BS in Marketing from Auburn University in 1994, then earned his MBA from UAB in 1999.Brian earned his PGA membership in 2002 and furthered his PGA of America education completing the PGA Instructor certification in 2009.

In 2010 he joined the Instructional team at Greystone as a Guest Instructor. Brian joined the Blackburn Golf team as a lead instructor when the Academy moved operations to Greystone Golf & Country Club in 2014. With the completion of The Greystone Performance Center in 2015 Brian became the Operations Director and CFO for Blackburn Golf. Brian teaches beginners to tour players and oversees all lesson programming at Blackburn Golf. He is TPI Level 3 Certified and K-vest Level 2 certified. In 2017 Brian was acknowledged by his peers for his teaching with the 2017 Alabama NW Florida Section PGA Teacher of The Year and the 2017 Alabama Chapter Teacher of The Year.

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