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How to create power and distance in your golf swing.

Today, let’s talk about power and distance in the golf swing.

Power and distance are created in the golf swing in four different ways. The first way is by making a turn with your upper body.

And when we make a good, solid turn off our back, we’ll start facing the target. Now we have a big full turn I’m going to be able to create a bunch of clubhead speed and hit the ball pretty far.

Number two is a weight transfer.

As long as I can get my weight towards the back foot during the backswing and then transfer the weight to my front foot on the downswing into the impact area, I’m going to generate some power there.

Power and Dsitance

Number three is an arc.

The bigger, wider arc we can create, the more clubhead speed I’m going to be able to generate. If we make a little short arc like this, we’re not going to have a whole lot of clubhead speed to start with.

And number four, and probably the most important way to generate clubhead speed is to create an angle between your left arm and the shaft.

Power and Distance

And as I take the club back, if we can hold this angle on the way down and through the impact area, we’re going to have some clubhead speed.

We don’t have to make a big turn. We don’t have to have a wide arc. I am going to have a little bit of weight transfer, but not much, but I’m going to make I’m going to hold this angle and try to show you that we can create power and distance and clubhead speed with a short, minimal swing by holding the angle between your left arm and a shaft through the impact zone.

I’ve created a lot of distance and clubhead speed with a very short swing because I’ve held the angle between my left arm and the shaft on the downswing and into the impact zone.

Most amateurs, male and female, have trouble hitting the ball with any power and distance because they have a tendency to get the club in a decent position at the top, but on the way down they tend to lose the angle between their left arm and the shaft on the way down.

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About Chris Champagne

Chris Champagne is the Head Golf Professional at The Preserve Golf Club in Vancleave, Mississippi.

A Louisiana native, Chris Champagne has over 20 years of experience in the  golf business. He obtained his Class A membership into the PGA in responsible for golf instruction and tournament coordination, in addition to, pro shop merchandising and operations.

Champagne has worked as the PGA Golf Pro at The Preserve Golf Club since the course’s opening in 2006.