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Here is a great Impact Position Drill to Nail Your Irons

Impact position.

Here is a great golf impact position drill to nail your irons

You know, with today’s technology, golf is slowly giving away its secrets.

And one of the neat things that we can track is where on the club face we’re hitting the golf ball, or golf impact position which consequently is going to affect where the golf ball is going.

So, what I’d like to do is not only show you the impact on the heel, on the middle of the club face (the sweet spot), and on the toe.

This will let you understand how you can go ahead and fix your impact position and hit it more in the middle of the club face.

So, what I’d like to do is hit a shot where the impact position is near the heel of the golf club, and we’ll see the golf ball go left.

As I get set up, I know that impact was on the heel, and I know that that golf club closed.

Probably one of the most common misses in the game of golf.

Impact Position

You’re going to notice that the impact position was toward the toe of the club.

And, of course, it was about eight millimeters away from the middle of the club face.

It’s interesting to know that a small amount opened up the club face at impact 2.7 degrees.

In other words, the club face was open, the path was relatively neutral. That golf shot ended up going 60, 66 feet to the right of the target.

Not because I came into the golf ball with an open club face, but because I hit it near the toe of the club face.

If you could work on your impact position with an impact bag and imagine a little bit more square impact with your shot, I’m sure you’ll play a little bit more consistent golf.

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