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The Greenside Bunker Shot – Step by Step

Today, what we’re going to talk about is impact into the golf ball on a greenside bunker shot.

The number one issue that we see with amateurs is the how to transfer their weight to the right side in the greenside bunker shot.

What this causes is path of the club to drop and hit way too far behind the golf ball on a greenside bunker shot.

So, we’re going to adjust and put out by 80 percent of our weight on our left side, and we’re going to keep it there throughout the entire swing.

Greenside Bunker Shot

So when you’re practicing at home the greenside bunker shot, at your home club, draw a line two inches behind the ball. I want you to try to hit between that line and the golf ball and the ball will pop out.

So hopefully this golf tip will help you hit a greenside bunker shot with confidence and without fear.

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About Chris Fern

Chris Fearn is the Director of Golf at Dataw Island, where he enjoys teaching and supporting charity, particularly Veterans organizations.

Chris came to Dataw Island as the First Assistant Pro and has worked his way up through the ranks as he has gained the PGA certifications and the love and trust o four membership. Prior to his current employment, Chris assisted members with setting up tee times, tournament results and providing lessons at Palmetto Hall Plantation Club. With his golf game showing a good deal of promise, Chris left Palmetto Hall and spent a short time on the Hooters Tour playing professionally before returning to Ohio for a short stint. His experience is diverse, as he has also served as the supervising foreman of the landscaping and mowing crews for TRU Cut Landscaping in his hometown of Fredricktown, Ohio.