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Here is a simple tip to fix your slice.

Today I want to help you fix your slice. If You’re a right-handed player that means your ball will curve to the right. For left-handed players that means the ball will curve to the left.

Normally a slice is caused by one or two things.

It’s an outside-to-inside swing. A lot of people call it over the top. A steep approach to the ball makes the ball spin to the right for a right-handed player and to the left for a left-handed player.

One of the drills we do to help you fix your slice is we set two balls up about an inch apart and we set up to the inside ball and hit that ball.

What that’s going to do for you is it makes that club track to the inside, going back closer to the body and then back to the inside through the ball helping to fix your slice.

The other thing that does for you is it promotes the toe of the club to crossover the heel, going back to rotate that way and then for the toe to crossover more through the ball an impact that’s more of an inside-the-inside path and it prevents that club from getting too steep and coming down and maybe leaving the face open.

So to fix your slice, all we do is set up to the inside ball and we make swings and just hit the inside ball.

Try that out and see if that’ll help you with your slice.

Just set your station up and make some swings. I think that’ll help you fix your slice.

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About Bob Burke

Bob Burke is a PGA teaching professional in Valdosta, Georgia. For many years he held the position of Director of Instruction at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club.