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Lower Body Strength Part 4

We’ve been working on power for your swing by way of your lower body strength with our five part series.

This is exercise number four, and we’re bringing it down to the ground to strengthen our glutes.

Okay. No balance necessarily in this one. What you’re going to do is lie down.

And I want you to just lift your hips. Now, you should have enough strength to align your hips with your knees and shoulders.

There should be one straight line from here, keeping your body flat and straight,

You’re going to drop and lift back up. You don’t even have to drop the whole way. You can stay and go about halfway down. This lower body strength exercise helps to strengthen your glutes.

You’re going to put your hands right here. Tell your glutes to work. If your hamstrings start to cramp, your glutes aren’t working. That is what causes back pain.

The number one reason for back pain in a golfer is weak legs, tight hamstrings, tight lower back, weak abdominals, and definitely, the glutes turned off.

So, there we go.

Bridge series two-legged bridge and one-legged bridge work for the glutes. You can do this move every single day to activate your glutes.

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