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Edison Golf Company Introduces Edison 2.0 Wedges

Designed for forgiveness without sacrificing shot-making.

Edison Golf is helping to revolutionize wedge performance with the introduction of the new EDISON 2.0 wedges for 2023. This marks the 2nd generation of innovative wedges designed explicitly for forgiveness, distance control, and versatile turf interaction, without sacrificing shot-making precision. EDISON 2.0 wedges are now available for pre-order, with order fulfillment to begin by mid-April.

The new EDISON 2.0 wedges represent a quantum leap in wedge design. They are the only wedges on the market specifically designed around a multi-year study of how recreational golfers hit their wedges, as opposed to being designed only for the extraordinary skills of elite tour players.

Edison 2.0 Wedges

For over 40 years, I have been puzzled as to why golfers are forced to suffer from the inefficiencies of ‘tour design’ wedges. Robotic testing consistently proves even the newest iterations of these traditional wedge designs are less forgiving than even a tour blade short iron. Our research reveals that less than 10% of golfers consider their wedge play a strength of their games . . . and the wedges they play are a big reason why.”

Terry KoehlerChairman and Director of Innovation at Edison Golf

Koehler shares that his extensive study of the impact pattern on thousands of recreational golfers’ wedges reveals that even the most skilled golfers routinely make contact higher in the face and over a larger area than do the elite tour professionals. He explains this is why rank-and-file amateurs cannot get consistent performance from their wedges, and why you even see tour professionals frequently come up way short with their wedge shots.

“Distance inconsistency is built into every other wedge on the market,” explained Koehler. “The physics of the golf club doesn’t know who you are, only where impact is made. And a high-face or toe impact is going to lose up to 15-18% impact efficiency, regardless of your pedigree.”

Introduced in 2020, the original Edison Forged wedges significantly improved wedge performance by dramatically changing the way mass was distributed across the back of the club head. In the EDISON 2.0 line of wedges, an additional 14-17 grams have been positioned even higher in the clubhead, achieved by the creation of a multi-level back design that optimizes smash factor across the face. This repositioning also creates a fresh and distinctive visual appeal to the product.

“I’ve been pursuing dramatic changes in wedge design for over thirty years. While it’s flattering to see all the major brand wedges finally beginning to position a tiny bit more mass higher in their wedge clubheads, none are anywhere close to the EDISON 2.0. None of today’s wedges are even to the point where my Reid Lockhart® wedges were in the 1990s,” said Koehler. “A caliper measurement of the face thicknesses of any major brand wedge to my historic wedge designs proves that I have led this design concept for decades. The EDISON 2.0 wedges are generations ahead of everyone else.”

In addition to enhanced weighting technologies, the EDISON 2.0 wedges feature an improved version of the renowned and proven “Koehler Sole”. Patented over 30 years ago, this unique sole design combines both a high and low bounce into each wedge and has been proven by thousands of golfers to deliver an unmatched level of sole versatility to handle different lies and different swing paths.

“I’ve always believed the notion of ‘bounce fitting’ to be absurd because the texture of the turf, the array of possible lies your ball can find and every golfer’s divot pattern are all variable,” explains Koehler. “How anyone can claim to fit things that are constantly changing is mind-boggling to me.”

In addition to the high-performance advanced weighting and the Koehler Sole, the EDISON 2.0 wedges feature the company’s new ‘pearl chrome’ finish for an upscale and contemporary appearance. The pearl chrome combines with glass bead texturing for a soft surface finish and a warmer color than traditional chrome plating to reduce glare from the face at address. The pearl chrome finish is also “slicker” to help channel away moisture from the face when playing in wet conditions.

The rear of the EDISON 2.0 topline features an engraved graphic, “5X FORGED” to acknowledge Edison’s five-step forging process, which produces the most precise raw forgings possible and delivers the unmatched feel of a quality forged golf club head. It should be noted that wedges from nearly all major brands feature clubheads that are cast, not forged, which are much cheaper to make but are inferior in feel to true forging.

With the introduction of the EDISON 2.0 product line, Edison’s online buying experience has been enhanced and streamlined for ease of use and improved customer engagement. With a few simple and easy clicks, the buyer can assemble the lofts in his/her set of wedges, select the preferred shaft and grip and request any custom alterations to Edison standards. This “Build Yours Now” interface coordinates with Edison’s enhanced and improved WedgeFit® Scoring Range Analysis experience.

Koehler, who also writes a popular weekly blog as The Wedge Guy on, has spent more than 40 years designing golf clubs. His work in wedges dates to 1990 with his patented sole design, which incorporated two distinct bounce angles in the sole of each wedge to deliver versatility for any lie and swing path. Shortly thereafter, he pioneered raising the CG (center of mass) of wedges with Reid Lockhart®, and his EIDOLON® wedges of the early 2000s were the first to introduce CNC-milled grooves in mainstream wedges. Koehler’s wedge design breakthroughs were further advanced with his progressive weighting technology in the SCOR™ wedges of 2011-2014 and the Ben Hogan® TK wedges of 2015-2017.

The technologies found only in the EDISON 2.0 wedges further separate and distance Koehler’s work from all other wedge brands.

All EDISON 2.0 wedges are backed by a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. The company will build you an EDISON 2.0 wedge and let you put it to the test on your course, hitting the variety of shots you face every round. If for any reason it’s not the best wedge you’ve ever played, Edison Golf will buy it back.

EDISON 2.0 wedges are engineered to odd-number lofts from 45 to 59 degrees and are custom-built for each golfer from a wide selection of premium shafts and grips. Requests for even number lofts are met by tweaking the lower number clubhead. Pricing is $199.95 for steel shaft wedges and $214.95 for graphite shafts. Shipping is free, and discounts are applied on orders for full sets of two or more. A broad selection of up-charge options for shafts and grips is also available during the shopping experience via the company’s website at

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